Sunday, 15 April 2012


Initially, I felt like an alien from another planet. It was my sister who introduced me to him.

He was a friend to the family even before he travelled abroad.

Then, I had already graduated from the University and had started working.

My sister became worried that I was always keeping to myself. I am naturally not an outgoing or sociable person. I love fashion and love to dress well.
She match-made the two of us and we didn’t really have a long courtship before we married.

He saw me and thought that I was wife material. I was interested too, and realized that he had a good job.

He didn’t say things you would hear from most guys when he met me. He just said....

 I don’t have a lot of money, but I love to help people.
I saw his eyes and thought he has very kind eyes. That was one thing of the things that attracted me to him.I believe that from the eyes,one can know the mind of a person.
 I think he got me with his eyes; they were very kind and penetrating eyes and that was how we started. Love story of one of the most powerful/political calibre in the country, Love is everywhere, dont' u think?

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