Thursday, 28 June 2012

Pictures of two-year-old boy before and after doctors successfully remove 33lb tumour that was BIGGER than him

Maria Estela Fernandez and her two-year-old son Jesus
Before the operation

Joy: Jesus Rodriguez walks with his thrilled mother Maria Estela Fernandez in Mexico City after his miraculous recovery
After the operation

Jesus Gabriel Rodriguez  

These are the heartwarming pictures of a two-year-old boy after doctors successfully removed a 33lb tumour that weighed more than the child carrying it.
Jesus Rodriguez, from the northern state of Durango, Mexico, was born with a benign lump, which grew to take over the right side of his body, stretching from his armpit to his hip.
Now, after doctors in Mexico City managed to safely remove the tumour, Jesus is back with his delighted family and on the road to recovery. More grease to the doctors' elbows for saving a young leader. More pictures when you jump the break 

“My wife gives me sex when she wants to get something from me,” Man cries out

For incessantly denying him of his matrimonial right, Mr. Taiwo Benson has urged an Ado-Ekiti Grade 1 Customary Court to dissolve his eight-year-old marriage with his wife, Mrs. Maureen Benson.
According to Benson, his wife used sex as a bargaining tool after producing two children, aged six and four years.
He said, “My wife denies me sex on a regular basis. She only gives me sex whenever she wants to get something in return.
“There have been countless occasions when I demanded sex from my wife, and she would just ignore me like I did not exist.

Wife Catches Husband Having Sex With Their Daughter

A 45-year-old woman has caught her husband having sex with their only daughter of 15 years. The husband, 51, resides with his wife and their daughter at Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos.

A reliable source revealed that the girl’s mother who is a trader at Oshodi, on the fateful day, went to Festac Town but had to return home because she was not feeling well. According to the source, the woman, on getting home, met her husband and their daughter on their matrimonial bed having sex and the man sucking her breasts.

The girl's mother was said to have raised an alarm which attracted neighbours and passersby, as a result, the man, said to be from the South East, left the daughter.

The woman cried bitterly, saying "am going to move out of this house with my daugher because it is a taboo, and in the future people will tell the story even to the person who may want to marry her.”

When the man was confronted, he pleaded that he be forgiven, claiming that it was the handiwork of the devil. The girl wept profusely and refused to speak when people sought to hear her side of the story.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The British teenager 'killed by his twin brother during stupid argument

Tragedy: Michael Goodman (pictured) was allegedly pushed by his twin brother, fell against a doorknob and hit his head, dying instantly

A British teenager has admitted killing his twin brother over a ‘stupid argument’ at their home in Spain.

Ryan Goodman, 19, had fought with twin Michael in February last year after their mother shouted at them over money that had gone missing from her purse.

The twins, believed to originally be from Northampton, blamed each other for stealing the money. 

The fight ended in tragedy when Ryan pushed Michael, who fell against a doorknob and hit his head, dying instantly.

Terrified on seeing his brother had no pulse, Ryan dragged Michael’s body out of the family’s country villa near Valencia, an area popular with ex-pats.

Ibori’s mistress (Udoamaka Okoronkwo-Onuigbo) released from UK Prison


Udoamaka Okoronkwo-Onuigbo, the mistress of a former governor of Delta State, James Ibori, has been released from a United Kingdom Prison after serving two years.
Okoronkwo-Onuigbo, who was tried alongside Ibori’s sister, Christine Ibori-Ibie, was found guilty of money laundering and mortgage fraud and was sentenced to five years by Judge Christopher Hardy of a Southwark London Crown Court on June 7, 2010.