Thursday, 28 June 2012

“My wife gives me sex when she wants to get something from me,” Man cries out

For incessantly denying him of his matrimonial right, Mr. Taiwo Benson has urged an Ado-Ekiti Grade 1 Customary Court to dissolve his eight-year-old marriage with his wife, Mrs. Maureen Benson.
According to Benson, his wife used sex as a bargaining tool after producing two children, aged six and four years.
He said, “My wife denies me sex on a regular basis. She only gives me sex whenever she wants to get something in return.
“There have been countless occasions when I demanded sex from my wife, and she would just ignore me like I did not exist.

“She uses sex as a bargaining tool. This has been the biggest issue in the marriage. Why will my wife be starving me of sex?”
“She is a very proud and stubborn woman. I am also a proud man, and both of us cannot be proud at the same time so this always caused problem between us because we are never on the same page.
“She does not show me any kind of love or affection. I am tired of this marriage and I implore this court to dissolve the marriage.
Meanwhile, the accused who was present in court admitted depriving her husband of sex but observed that she stopped having sex with him when she realised that her honey-pot was not enough for him.
Maureen defended, “I stopped having sex with him as soon as I knew he slept around. My husband runs a non-governmental organisation. So, he travels a lot. Whenever he gets back and I am packing his loads from his car, I always saw used condoms in his car.
“Whenever I accused him of cheating on me, he would beat me and immediately he finished beating me, he would want to have sex with me.
“When I refused to give him sex at that point, he would say that sex was the remedy to calm nerves down after a fight.”
“My husband is a big fan of pornographic movies, and he derives pleasure and joy watching them. Whenever he watches it, he will always want us to practise what they do in the movie.
“I am not a porno star; how am I supposed to do that? I was not raised in such background. As usual, my refusal results in beating, and he even goes as far as threatening me with a machete he keeps in our bedroom.
“I cannot go on this way; please I want the dissolution of this marriage.”
The counsel to the petitioner, Miss Okonny Hilda, pleaded with the court to adjourn the case in order to respond to the defendant’s counter claim.
However, the lawyer to the respondent, Miss Agibulu Toyin, objected to the plea, saying the law guiding the court did not permit such.
The President of the court, Mrs. Christiana Ajibabi, adjourned the case till July 19, for further hearing

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