Monday, 9 July 2012

I had Sex with my wife's sister and I cant' forget it!!!!

I am 31, she is 26 and my wife is 30. We have been happily married for six years with two young boys. I actually met my sister-in-law before my wife as we had a mutual friend, but she was already in a serious relationship. That ended messily a couple of years ago.
We have always had a laugh at family get-togethers. She was always pretty but lately she’s lost weight, changed her hair and the way she dresses, and become really foxy. She flirted with me all evening at my parents-in-law’s anniversary party.

My wife went to bed early with a headache, and we stayed up drinking and laughing until the early hours. I kissed her good-night, and her eyes held mine and it was electric.
The following weekend she offered to babysit but when it came to it my wife said she was shattered as she’d been up all night with our youngest. I was happy for us to stay in and watch a DVD but she said to go out for a drink with her sister who was feeling a bit down.
We had a wonderful evening, I felt like a teenager again. It didn’t even feel wrong because I had my wife’s blessing. I drove her back her flat and I went in for a coffee, but we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. We had mind-blowing sex like I couldn’t ever remember having with my wife.
I left straight after and told her it must never happen again because I love my wife too much to destroy our marriage. I have avoided her for a month but my head is full of her. I know if the opportunity arises again I will go for it full force and she will too.
I am a terrible liar so I know having a secret affair would never work. What do you advise?

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  1. Uh well, you need to talk to your wife. Obviously, it will hurt her but if you're just gonna do it again, it'll hurt her even more when she finds out later. If you really can't stop screwing her sister, get a divorce. Your wife certainly doesn't deserve it; she deserves much better. And you certainly, are not much better.
    No details matter. It's very simple. You cheated with her sister. Someone will get hurt and in the long run, it isn't going to be your wife.

  2. Lots of married men are tempted in everyway as you are to have sex with other women. Fortunately, there are still men out there who would choose not to because they truly love their wife and children and would resist the urge. If you see another hot chick/chicks and is tempted again and again and again to have sex with them, will you still go ahead with it? You will find that these temptations would always be with you and others throughout your life and does it mean that you will always have to give in to them? So what if the sex was the best of the best! You need to ask yourself what you got out of it afterwards! Surely the pleasure is only temporary. The other question and is the ultimate question, "What would your wife, your children and others get out of this?" Surely it would be heartaches and suffering.Of course, what you want to do is of your own choosing but remember you will always have to pay the price wheather you like it or not, and obviously, others will have to suffer the consequences of your wrong choices. You said, "I left straight after and told her it must never happen again because I love my wife too much to destroy our marriage. I have avoided her for a month but my head is full of her. I know if the opportunity arises again I will go for it full force and she will too." If you really love your wife, you would not even think that you will go full force on your sister in law again, and that means you don't really love your wife. If you want to love your wife, stop thinking about the great sex you had with her sister/wanting to have sex with her again because I am sure that the more you think about it, the more you will make it happen. You and your sister in law are very selfish. If she can betray her own sister, she will also do they same thing to you and others. Stop cheating on your wife again because whatever had happened between you and your sister in law is purely infatuation.I feel so sorry for you wife because the one you cheated with is her own sister and that would just be more hurtful than anyone else! If you love your wife, you would not do it again because you are not only hurting her, you are also hurting your sons by not setting a great example to them, and you will destroy your wife's relationship with her sister, therefore, causing so much pain for your mother and father in law by detroying their family in they are still alive.Again, remember, you will always have to pay the price for your wrong choices. You better stop thinking dirty thoughts about your sister in law or other women because I can guarantee you that you will definately cheat again! Please choose to do the right thing! All the best!

    1. I have been sleeping with my wifes sister for about a year have sex about twice a week. It is amazing. We definitely want each other. We are ready to leave our spouses for each other. Please help us make this happen

  3. I wanted to sleep with my wifes sister and it finally happened! I'm glad it did we now have a secret relationship. Great sex she is 4 years younger and just a great girl. I want to leave my wife for her sister. How can I make this happen?

    1. dont leave ur wife

      have sex with both and enjoy the life man

    2. b faithful 2 ur wife.. she's believing in u.. n u want 2 leave her juz 4 a sex?? such a fool.. that's sounds shit.. dont listen 2 stupid advices..

    3. Continue with both. It is great to have sex with your wife's sister.

  4. Agreed - a young roll in the hay isn't worth sacrificing your marriage...

  5. just keep plowing her sister until your wife finds out and divorces you

    good sex and get rid of your wife, its a win win

  6. Never tell her. If u can have sex every now n then with her sister do it but stay with your wife. I've been doing my wife's cousin off n on and its been great. Realize that u better get as much sex as u can while ur young cause ur dik wont work forever.

  7. thanks for share.

  8. Advice on how to approach

  9. I slept with my sister in law many times. Though she is in her sixties she is a great lay. She is very loud and animated, I'm just her second after being married to her husband over forty years.

  10. I had sex with my sis in law . I found out she was having sex with her preachers wife. She said she would do anything if I didn't tell her husband. I chose to have sex with her. She was wild for an older woman. I kept my word and she kept hers.

  11. I asked my wife if could have sex with her sister. And she said no!

  12. Baaaahahahahahahaha, what a bunch of fool's!
    Look ultimately it is your decision to screw her or not, no matter what advice you get from this page, if you keep screwing her you must come to realize that if you don't get caught, eventually your wife will notice something happened between the two being we all know how the female gender works (A) sis - in law will catch feelings & since you two have opened that type of relationship, anytime both of you are alone together you're going to fool around giving chance for someone to walk in & catch her with your pud in her mouth (Mmmm Good Times) then ether get blackmailed or snitched on OR (B) since you won't be able to spend that quality time that she would want or you end the relationship, it will make her feel used & you know what HELL HAS NO FURY means! She will make you miserable and once she has taken all of your hard earned cash by using what the both of you have done as leverage, getting anything she wants, she will get board and tell on you anyways.....
    Bottom line my friend!
    You are screwed anyway!
    I'd say "literally" RIDE IT till the wheels fall off, is what i would do (or have i) ;)

  13. I was doing my sister law for 7 yrs before my wife told me she knew for about 2 yrs ,I was so sup prise i left the house for a month until she begged me to come home,got home her sister in the house she carried on Nom ly at first and then bring up the subject told her sister she knew ,but what iam still in shock over is when she said she.happy it was not another B I was giving it to ,i.want to divorce her but I love her sex is great again,haven't done her sister since but iam doing her niece who is 25 yrs younger than I am ,is this sick or not

  14. Yes your sick bastard your should be plowing both of them..smh come on

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