Monday, 14 May 2012

Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter Revealed

After years of searching, we now know the identity of Genevieve Nnaji’s daughter. And we’re happy to share with you.
The stunning actress, who has grown through the years, to become the most recognizable face from Nollywood, had a little family party recently, in honour of her mother Benedatte Nnaji who clocked 60.
And there were just a few people in attendance, including Genny’s dad, her friends Ndidi Obioha and Data Okorodudu, and her daughter Chimebuka.
With everyone dressed in uniform Ankara fabrics, and music from a local band led by one of Genevieve’s brothers who’s an aspiring singer, those present told us ‘there was plenty to eat and drink’, and ‘a lot of love’ on display.
Genevieve didn’t want it to be a Nollywood thing’, a family source told us.
The event, which also doubled as the retirement party for Genevieve’s mom, who was a school headmistress, held at All Seasons, on Agidingbi road, in Ikeja, Lagos.
Genevieve herself took to the mic and sang from time to time’, our source said.
Chimebuka, Genevieve’s daughter, whose identity (and that of her father) had been shrouded in secrecy, was part of the revelry.
Looking very much like her mother, the young lady seemed quiet and laid back, according to sources who saw her at the party.
We’re told she lived with Genevieve’s parents for years, but ‘has a solid relationship’ with her mother.
No one knows who her father is, and Genevieve will not say, in spite of lingering speculation and interests.
Insiders tell us Chimebuka is already in her 20s, and currently undergoing national youth service.
Genevieve clocked 33 on Thursday May 3, 2012. Recently photos of the actress and her family celebrating her younger brother Stephen Nnaji’s  graduation from the University of London popped up online.
The actress, scandalized for years, following negative media coverage as her career grew, has since mastered the art of keeping her private life private
DG:- Did i forgot to tel somebody that she is my role model? She overcomed the stigma placed on her and become a force to be reckoned with...

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