Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nigeria Transgender Beauty Queen takes 2nd in Beauty Pageant

oche on the left

She was born male (oche) living in Abuja and after a long years of victimization, he traveled to United kindgom where He/she took up her modeling career and later took part in the Miss International Queen beauty pageant which is strictly for transgenders last year where he (she) came 1st Runner Up and she currently lives in the United Kingdom. ok, guys if you see this kind of lady in a club, what will you do since all the pretty girls here are transgenders? jump the break for more pictures.

For those that don't know “transgender describes a person, male or female, who dresses, behaves or presents themselves in a way that is different from their gender norm. Transgender includes transvestites/crossdressers, Drag Queens/Kings. It does NOT include transsexual people”.

'Transsexual' describes a person, male or female, born with a congenital neurological intersex condition (Benjamin's syndrome). Although transsexualism almost always requires some form of medical intervention up to and including genital surgery, it is not defined by, nor restricted to, that treatment.

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