Friday, 6 July 2012

15yrs Old Girl Snatches Her Mum's Boyfriend, Gets Pregnant For Him

A single mother in love has been left nursing her love wounds after being dumped by her boyfriend who she later discovered had "fully-fed" her 15-year-old daughter that is still in secondary school.

As an indelible signature that she had clandestinely subjugated the ‘whopper’, the girl is now four months pregnant. The incident of the alleged charmer boy-cum-domestic worker, Patrick, who was absolutely driving nuts both his girlfriend and her daughter with his sexual gymnastics left residents within the area tongue tied.
It was gathered that the cradle snatching started last year when the girl (names withheld) was seduced by Patrick, her "step father", until she succumbed during his regular visits at their house for a sleep over. It was gathered that the bed had been going cold between Patrick and the girl’s mother, hence he shifted his pesky desires to her daughter.

In a bid to hoodwink the teenager to adult game, Patrick reportedly started buying her chocolates, recharge cards and various gifts behind her mother’s back. According to the report, the two started hitting off at local motels frequented by sex workers and local area boys. The man continued playing the bedroom game with the girl until he got her pregnant.

After the teenager’s belly became big with the man’s seed, the girl who seemed to know the consequences of her actions did not tell her mother. She planned to elope with the man at the centre of the controversy. The matter eventually came to light after the mother of the teenager got wind of their "illegal" romance and called her daughter for interrogation after which she found out about her pregnancy.

When she was quizzed about the "owner" of the pregnancy, the girl said she would never divulge the name of the ‘culprit’. However Patrick, who was closely following the proceedings, interjected and BOASTFULLY told his former girlfriend (the girl's mother) that he was the one who impregnated her.

Failing to stomach the unbelievable news that her own teenage daughter had snatched her ‘sexual banana’, the woman went and reported the matter to the police, leading to Patricks’s arrest. He was eventually charged before a magistrate court for having sexual intercourse with a minor.

The magistrate, who didn't take Patrick's plea, remanded him in custody until August for the continue of hearing in the shameful matter.

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