Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Confession of a Young mother- Getting Pregnant at Age 12 was the smartest thing I ever did

No regrets: Amy aged 13 with baby Alfie who is conceived after a one night stand Best thing I ever did: Amy Crowhurst says she's glad she had her children young - now she has the freedom to 'meet mates and go clubbing' when her mother babysits
Britain's youngest mother insists getting pregnant at 12 after a one night stand was 'the smartest thing I ever did' - because she's now a size 6 and can go clubbing with her friends 
A woman who became Britain's youngest mother after a one night stand at the age of 12 says she had no regrets about becoming a teen mum.
In fact, Amy Crowhurst advocates having children early as she admits that at the age of 22 she now has 'the freedom to meet mates and go clubbing when my mum babysits.'
Amy, who is on benefits and lives in a council house, told this week's Closer magazine: 'Having kids young was the smartest thing I ever did.'

She added: 'When I see girls I went to school with having babies now, I’m so glad I got it out of the way. They’ll be at home and up in the night for the next 10 years. Plus they’re fat and I’m a size 6!
I missed school, but I can catch up – and I’ll appreciate it more.'

Amy fell pregnant in 2002 when she was just 12-years-old after having sex with a 15-year-old boy she barely knew. She gave birth to son, Alfie, when she was 13 and dropped out of school to care for him. She said at the time: 'I know I was stupid but I'm not that bothered. Of course I wish it had never happened but it's too late now.'
At the age of 16, she moved out of the home she shared with her mum and eight siblings in Crawley, West Sussex, to a council flat of her own.
Although she hadn't been in a relationship with Alfie's father since her son was born, they then had a 'one-off' reconciliation in 2005 - which led to her falling pregnant again. At the age of 16 she gave birth to daughter Destiny.
She didn't remain in contact with her children's father and admits for a period she struggled to cope as a single mum.
This led to her getting in trouble with the law as she was found in possession of cannabis in 2009 -  for which she was sentenced to a community order - and then evicted from her council home in 2010 for throwing 'wild drug-fuelled parties'.
When she pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis, she told the court she had taken it to get away from the stress of parenthood and forget about everyday life.
Despite this, Amy tells Closer she wouldn't mind if her own daughter became a teen mother. She said: 'Having sex at 12 is fine if you feel ready and aren’t pressured. I wouldn’t encourage Destiny to plan pregnancy at 12, but if she did have a baby I’d be happy – it’d be fun being a gran at 27!'
Amy told the magazine she now has her life back on track. She and her children, now aged nine and seven, are living in a three bedroom council house and she is returning to college to get her GCSEs with ambitions of becoming a healthcare worker.
She believes she's a better mum for having had children early as she has lots of energy and can relate to her off-spring because they are closer in age.

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