Monday, 9 July 2012

Research shows that Facebook and Twitter fuel low self esteem and confidenceesteem

Researchers at University of Salford in the United Kingdom studied the effect of like and on the personal well-being of a group of users, a study which indicated that online may be doing more harm than good on the personal lives users.
The main reason for this is that users of and tend to compare themselves with online friends all the time.
Of the 298 users who participated in the study, about half of them say that their use of and had changed their behaviour negatively.

55% of participants said that they felt worried and uncomfortable when they could not access their Facebook pages, expressing symptoms similar to smokers trying to quit smoking.
The participants particularly noted that their self-esteem suffers when they compare their own accomplishments to those of their online friends.
In addition to confidence issues, two-thirds claim they find it difficult to fully relax or sleep after spending time on social networks. A quarter cited work or relationship difficulties due to online confrontations. And more than half say they feel “worried or uncomfortable” at times they are unable to access their Facebook or email accounts.
Do those findings align with your own experiences with social media? And, if so, how do you keep your anxiety in check?

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