Friday, 13 April 2012


A Sharjah court has freed a school bus conductor accused of molesting a four-and-half-year old girl.

The court quashed all charges against the man for lack of evidence.

Parents of the child had accused the bus conductor of molestation after the KG1 student had came home bleeding.

The parents had immediately taken her to Al Qasimia hospital in Sharjah. A hospital source had earlier confirmed that the girl was first brought to the hospital a few days before last Christmas with severe bleeding and a follow up visit had confirmed urinary tract infection. The police arrested the conductor. He was later released on bail.

The Sharjah Indian School had throughout maintained that chance of molestation on the school bus was bleak as she was never alone on the bus with the conductor or driver.

Nizar Talangara, General Secretary of the Sharjah Indian Association, that runs the school had told ‘Emirates24|7′ that the child was picked up at 10.10am and the bus reached the school at 10.40am.

“In the bus trip there are 27 stops. She boarded the bus at the 14th stop and there were 13 stops after she was on the bus to school. Also, if there was any such incident the school officials would have noticed it first,” he had said.

The school also had argued that the child was never alone on the bus. Nobody knows the truth .........

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