Friday, 25 May 2012

Every Night my 4 Children Watch me having S..... with my two Wives

A polygamist who shares one room with his two wives and four children, yesterday told the civil court that he becomes intimate with the women in the presence of the minors. The eldest child is 13-years-old. The first wife Elizabeth Manyame bared it all while seeking a peace order against the second wife Vimbai Muzenda.

Chengerai Nyakapanga was asked by the magistrate Mr Milton Serima to explain the family sleeping arrangement. He left people in the courtroom in astonishment after he confirmed that he takes turns to sleep with both wives on the bed. Nyakapanga sired three children with Manyame and has one with Muzenda.

"I am sorry your worship, but it's indeed happening in the presence of the children. Muzenda was my ‘small house' and we didn't agree to get married. We were just having fun. She later eloped."

Mr Serima expressed disappointment at the conduct of the trio. He told them that the case was very serious because it involved minor children.

"You are abusing your children. How do you feel being intimate with your wives in the presence of your kids? I thought you would say you are abstaining or you do it outside. This is tantamount to abuse. Respect the rights of your children because your set up is not ideal."

Mr Serima ordered the trio to observe peace towards each other and urged them to stop being intimate in the presence of their children.

I wonder what will be running in the minds of this children and they will not be needing sex education because they are getting it LIVE

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