Thursday, 21 June 2012

Nigerian Man murders girlfriend,throws body into neighbour's house

A 26-year-old Nigerian man, Nathaniel Udama Edu, is being held by the Mile 7 Police at Achimota in Accra, for the suspected murder of his girlfriend, Matilda Asante, 19, a senior high school graduate at South Ofankor in the early hours of Monday.

The body of the deceased was found in the neighbourhood, wrapped in a bed sheet and her legs tied, while her head was covered in a black polythene bag.
Narrating the incident to in Accra, the Crime Officer of the Mile 7 Police Station, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mr Henry Agbeve, said around 7:30am last Monday the body of the deceased was found on the compound of an adjoining house in the Ga West municipality, lying in a supine position.

According to him preliminary investigations conducted indicated that the body was ‘thrown’ into that house after the act with the legs tied, the head covered with a polythene bag and the rest of her body wrapped in a bedsheet.
He added that a further police inspection of the body also revealed that her neck was twisted in the process.
ASP Agbeve said what traced the suspect to the murder was the fact that the make and colour of the bedsheet in which the deceased was wrapped. It was the same as the pillow cover of the unemployed suspect after it was learnt that the deceased had spent the previous night with her boyfriend, the suspect.
He said a friend of the deceased who confirmed the relationship between the two, had told the police that she had received a call from the late Matilda on the day of the incident and when she answered the call all she could hear in the background was the voice of Matilda shouting “you will hurt me... you will hurt me” when suddenly the deceased’s line went dead.
Soon after, the death of Matilda, according to ASP Agbeve, was reported to his outfit and preliminary investigations led to the arrest of the suspect who is to be processed for court.
He expressed the resolve of his outfit to intensify investigations to unravel the circumstances that led to the murder of Matilda.

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