Saturday, 9 June 2012

Suicide Bomber blast Police Headquarters, Maiduguri and 4 other places


Another Black Friday for Nigerians. Reports coming in have confirmed the multiple bomb blasts in Kano

In the first incident, a suicide bomber forced his way into the Zone One Police headquarters in the city, killing himself and three police men while several others were injured. Read more after the break......

At least four other explosions echoed across the city in quick successions. The state’s immigration office and two police stations within the city - Sabon Gari and Bompai Police Stations as well as the SSS headquarters were affected. Residents ran around shouting and screaming.

At the immigration office, three officers were also said to have died in the process.

Security posts attacked are as follows - Nigeria Police Zone 1 Headquarters on BUK Road, Zaria Road Police Station on Zaria Road, Farm Centre Police Station at Farm Centre, Passport Office at Farm Centre, SSS Headquarters at Gigiyu and Immigration Head-quarters at Bompai Road.  Others are AIG Zone 1 residence at Bompai Road and Police State Command Headquarters at Bompai Road.”

A report of an eye witnesssaid the bomber of the police headquarters pulled up at the building on a motorbike then got off and ran at it holding a bag."We tried to stop him but he ran in forcefully with his bag. All of a sudden there was a blast. You can see for yourself the building is damaged," said a policeman at the scene.

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