Saturday, 25 August 2012

Divorce Judgment:- Usher granted sole custody of his two children

After lengthy and sometimes heated court proceedings, Usher's divorce from Tameka Foster was finalized Friday (August 24) and full custody of the former couple's children was granted to the singer.
The judge awarded Usher primary custody of their two sons: Usher Raymond V, born in November of 2007, and Naviyd Ely Raymond, born in December of 2008
The details of Foster's access to or visitation rights of her children have not yet been released, but the ruling comes as somewhat of a surprise, given the emotionally charged accusations slung back and forth between Usher and Foster during the trial. Foster accused her ex of being too absorbed in his career to be a good father and that he had used drugs in the presence of his sons. She also said that she never wanted to enter the custody battle to begin with and was satisfied with their previously agreed upon "joint custody" arrangement.

Usher was, at one point, held in contempt of court for canceling his wife's credit card at Saks Fifth Avenue. The court ordered Usher to reinstate the card because Foster argued that she needed use of that particular credit card in order to fulfill her duties as a stylist.
Usher filed for divorce in 2009 after the couple had been married for two years. The couple's relationship was fraught with drama with rumors that circulated about Foster reportedly controlling the singer, Usher's mother's disapproval, etc.
For now, Nobody has commented on the ruling. Anyway, one down, two to go. I wonder why some people will marry somebody in the twinkle of an eye with all the celebrity galore only to divorce the person with so much bitterness and rigmarole involved. mtchew!!!!!!! #justsayingmyown#.

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