Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Father arrested for selling day-old son for N350,000

If you call it abomination, you are not far from the truth because that it will only described the atmosphere at Alagbado area of Lagos State where the woman, Mrs. Nkechi Olaniyan (picture above) who was married to Mr. Abraham Olaniyan gave birth to a bouncing baby boy only to be sold by the husband.

DG gathered that when the woman was interrogated, she said when she went into labour, her husband took her to a private hospital and immediatly she put to bed, she fall asleep not knowning she was given a sedative and when she woke up and asked about the baby, the husband and the hospital management told her that the baby was dead and has been buried, the woman said she immediately suspected foul play because the husband didnt' initially wanted the baby and has told her at the begining of the pregnancy to abort it which she refused. Immediately, She reported the matter to the Police who arrested the husband and after interrogations found out that the man actually sold his own SON to a business woman from Anambra State (who has been looking for a child for 15 years) for N350, 000.00

Why asked the reason for the dastardly act, he said he could not cater for any other person because of his financial state. Meanwhile the house of the woman in Onitsha, Anambra State who bought the baby was agog with celebration following the arrival of the child and even the mother of the woman and some other relations have already come to the house for the christening that is meant to happen soon. 
Police have arrested the Anambra woman, the father of the baby and the hospital management who provided the affidavit that the father of the baby gave full approval for the transaction.

Wonders they say will never end.......

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